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Buying Residential Real Estate? Why you need to retain an Experienced Real Estate Attorney.

residential homeBuying residential real estate can be a great investment if done properly. Luckily, your real estate lawyer Cambridge can help you get the best end of the deal. Here are a couple of reasons to hire a lawyer when you buy residential real estate.

Look over contracts

Real estate Purchase and Sale Agreements are drafted in legal terms which most people are unfamiliar with and do not consequently understand the meaning of these terms. An experienced real estate attorney will make sure that the terms of this Purchase and Sale Agreement protect your interests in every way possible. Your attorney will explain in layman’s terms what the provisions of this Agreement mean. Your attorney will also answer any and all questions you have regarding this Agreement before you sign it.

Investigate the property

The property that you intend to buy might appear perfectly legitimate, but your lawyer will tell you if there is anything that you should know about the property before deciding to purchase it. For example, the lawyer will be able to determine whether the house complies with the town’s current zoning and building regulations. Your attorney will guide you through the process of determining whether any prior renovations were done in accordance with the requirements of the town’s building regulations.


Naturally, you will want to have a professional building inspector inspect the building that you’re planning to purchase. Once the inspection is complete, the lawyer can go over the building inspection report and tell you how to best use the results to your advantage. The condition of the property will affect the price greatly and the inspection tells you exactly what you’re working with. Your experienced real estate attorney in the greater Boston Metropolitan area, including Cambridge and Arlington will know what aspects of this building inspection report to focus on during negotiations.


Closing details, including the lender closing documents, can get quite complicated. Your real estate attorney, who usually will also represent your lender, will answer all your questions at each step of the process of purchasing and financing the purchase of your house in order to make sure that everything is in order before you take the keys. That’s where Attorney Joseph A. Lopisi comes in.