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Three Common Reasons to hire a Real Estate Attorney

real estate attorneyHaving access to proper and reliable legal support is very important. One type of attorney that you will likely need to hire at least a few times in your life is a real estate attorney. For those that are in the Boston or Arlington area, hiring a MA real estate attorney could provide valuable services in a variety of different scenarios.

Buying residential real estate

One situation in which you will need to hire a Greater Boston metropolitan area real estate attorney is when you are buying residential real estate. When you are buying residential real estate in the greater Boston metropolitan area, a local real estate attorney will be able to provide a variety of very important services. First, the attorney will be able to handle all contract negotiations to ensure that your interests are protected in every way possible. The attorney will review the initial legally binding contract which is the Offer to make sure that your interests are well protected. He will also review, revise and add a Buyer protective Addendum to the proposed Purchase and Sale Agreement prepared initially by the Seller’s attorney. Your attorney will usually also represent your Lender in the financing transaction. In this regard, your attorney will review the title report and certify title to both you and the lender, obtain a plot plan in order to confirm there are no zoning setback violations and obtain a Municipal Lien Certificate confirming there are no outstanding real estate taxes or other liens resulting from failure to pay town/city real estate taxes or water/sewer bills.

Selling residential real estate

Another situation in which your will need to hire an attorney is when you are selling residential real estate. When selling residential real estate in the greater Boston metropolitan area, including Arlington, Cambridge and Boston, hiring an Arlington/Cambridge/Boston MA real estate attorney will help to ensure that the sales agreement is fair and protects your interest as much as possible. Your real estate attorney will coordinate the closing with the bank attorney for the buyer, prepare the Deed and any other legal documents required to convey good record marketable title of your residential real estate to the Buyer. The attorney will also review the Seller Closing Disclosure to make sure that all of the closing costs and adjustments are correct. Your attorney will also be at the closing with you.

Real Estate Changes

While buying and selling residential real estate are the most common situations in which you will want to hire a real estate attorney, there are other situations that call for legal support as well. Some of these possible situations may include property line disputes regarding fences or overhanging tree limbs. In addition, if you own a multi-unit residential building, your real estate attorney can advise you on the process of converting your multiunit building into residential condominium units.

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