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Buyer and Seller Representation

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Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex Counties, Massachusetts, Real Estate Purchases and Sales

Buyer and Seller RepresentationAt the Law Office of Joseph A. Lopisi, my real estate practice involves all areas of general real estate law, from the purchase and sale of all types of real property to residential refinancing, lender representation, condominium conversions, and real estate development. I have more than 40 years of experience representing clients throughout the Boston, Massachusetts, metropolitan area including, but not limited to, Middlesex, Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk Counties in their comprehensive real estate needs. I can help you.

For responsive service and knowledgeable, well-informed legal representation in your residential or commercial purchase or sale, contact me today. I will listen to your objectives and clearly explain your options in a complimentary telephone consultation.

I represent buyers, sellers and lenders in all matters related to the purchase or sale of real estate.

Most banks and mortgage companies today have an open “approved attorney list” so that the buyer can have their own attorney also represent the lender by simply asking the lender to allow their attorney to represent them also.

Representation of Buyer Only (Not the Lender)

My usual flat fee is between $750 and $1,000 pending on the particulars of the transaction.  My fee includes being at the closing with you.

In my representation of the buyer, whether I am representing the lender or not, I will provide the following services:

Representation of Buyer and Lender

When representing both the buyer and lender, I charge a reduced fee of $500.00 to represent the buyer and between $500 and $700 to represent the lender. If I am representing the buyer, I normally represent the lender as well. Many lenders are willing to be represented by the buyer’s attorney. You simply need to request this option to the lender and they will take the appropriate steps to complete the necessary paperwork to realize this option.

I will provide all of the services to the buyer as set forth above. In addition, I will represent the lender by obtaining a title examination, municipal lien certificate, and plot plan, if necessary. I will prepare the loan documents, including the settlement statement, and facilitate the closing. I am a title insurance agent and I will write the title insurance policy for both the lender and the buyer.

The title examination will cost approximately $200. The plot plan will cost $150.

Representation of the Seller

My flat fee for representing a Seller ranges from $750 to $1000 depending on the particulars of the transaction.This flat fee covers my usual services provided to a Seller from the Offer stage through and including being at the closing.

In my representation of the seller, I will prepare the deed as well as provide all the applicable services provided to buyers.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services

I also represent homeowners in residential refinancing mortgages, real estate developers, and owners of multifamily houses.

When you need an experienced MA real estate attorney to provide you with the highest quality of representation, contact Boston area real estate attorney Joseph Lopisi for a free telephone consultation.