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Why “For Sale by Owner” Sellers should retain a Real Estate Attorney

for sale by ownerSelling a home without a real estate agent has become very popular. After all, it keeps much more money in the pockets of a seller if he or she decides to go it alone. One of the major mistakes that happen when selling your home without the assistance of a real estate broker is forgetting to work with a Cambridge/Arlington Real Estate Attorney. While you may be able to market and sell your home by yourself, it’s important to remember that a good real estate lawyer does much more than prepare and finalize the contracts necessary to sell your home. After discussing a bit about what a real estate lawyer does, you might better understand why you need to work with a good Cambridge Real Estate Attorney.

First and foremost, a good real estate lawyer will make sure that you understand all of the terms of the contracts, including the Offer, you need to validly sell a home. While it’s true that you can get basic forms online, sticking with the boilerplate can be disastrous. An experienced real estate attorney will revise the boilerplate to protect your interests and add many additional provisions that are not covered by the standard boilerplate forms.

Real estate attorneys work on a regular basis with real estate brokers during the course of their legal practice. Consequently, your real estate attorney will provide you with the advice that a real estate broker would have provided you with if you had listed your property with a real estate broker to sell. This practical advice is invaluable when selling your home on your own. Your attorney will help set up the important parts of your home sale process. From advising you on what not to say to prospective buyers to explaining the lender seller closing documents, they facilitate all aspects of selling a home about which most sellers have little knowledge. They are also available to help limit any potential liability of sellers in the process of selling one’s home without the assistance of a real estate broker. If you want to be sure your sale goes through smoothly and without any legal issues, you need a lawyer’s help.

A Real Estate Attorney in the greater Boston metropolitan area, including Boston, Cambridge and Arlington brings you not just a great deal of expertise, but also peace of mind. With an attorney’s help, you can make sure that every aspect of your transaction is by the book and that it won’t come back to haunt you later down the road.

If you are selling a home on your own, make sure to contact Attorney Joseph A. Lopisi for help. You deserve the expertise a good real estate lawyer can bring to the sale of your home.