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For Sale by Owner

Arlington/Cambridge Real Estate Attorney

Cambridge/Arlington, Massachusetts, For Sale by Owner Attorney

for sale by ownerWhile using a Realtor to sell a home is a practical and common practice, selling your home without listing it with a real estate broker can help individuals and families save thousands in broker commissions. However, selling a home yourself is not without its share of effort and risk.

Consequently, it is crucial to retain an attorney to advise and guide you through the Offer stage of selling your home. I will provide you with the necessary Offer forms and explain them to you so that you can effectively sell your house without a listing broker involved.

At the Middlesex County Law Office of Joseph A. Lopisi, we believe your investment in a home deserves proper protection. For responsive service and knowledgeable, well-informed legal representation in for sale by owner transactions, contact me today. I will listen to your objectives and clearly explain your options in a complimentary telephone consultation.

Over 40 Years of Real Estate Law Representation

As a skilled attorney helping thousands of clients buy and sell residential and commercial real estate, my firm can help you avoid many selling pitfalls involved in a home for sale by owner without a broker, including all real estate offer forms.

From arranging for a fair real estate appraisal to obtaining a proper building inspection for a home for sale by owner, I can help clients avoid liability that can jeopardize their transactions, investment and ultimately cost them dearly later.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services

My firm also represents homeowners in the home purchases, residential refinancing mortgages.

If you need a seasoned Arlington/Cambridge real estate attorney to provide you with the highest quality of representation in a for sale by owner transaction or other property matter, contact Massachusetts real estate attorney Joseph A. Lopisi for a free telephone consultation.