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Landlord Representation

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Tenant RepresentationWith more than 40 years of experience successfully handling all real estate issues, landlords frequently turn to me to help them resolve their disputes with their tenants. Attentive service and up-to-date, knowledgeable guidance are at the core of my practice. Trust me to handle your tenant issues. Contact the Arlington, Massachusetts, Law Office of Joseph A. Lopisi today for a confidential, free telephone consultation regarding your landlord representation needs.

My firm handles a variety of disputes between landlords and tenants including those involving:

Both commercial and residential landlords should know their rights and obligations before entering into a lease. Speak with me as your knowledgeable, experienced landlord attorney. I can review any documents and explain them to you so that you understand your obligations.

MA Eviction Defense Attorney

An eviction is a time-sensitive and stressful matter for everyone involved. As a skilled Boston area including, but not limited to, Middlesex, Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk Counties rental agreement and lease attorney, I help landlords address the often complex legal matters and responsibilities required to prevent a landlord from unnecessarily losing rent payments by waiting too long to begin the eviction process for nonpayment of rent.

My goal in any landlord representation matter is to resolve your tenant problems without going to court, which save you the cost and time involved in a trial. By skillfully representing your interests in the negotiation process, I try to reach a resolution that both parties can agree to, rather than leaving the decision up to a judge who may not give you what you are looking for in an eviction or any other conflict.

Find Comprehensive Tenant Representation Now

While not all landlord/tenant disputes can be resolved amicably, I prepare every case as if it will be tried so that if it does go to court, I am ready to fight for your rights.

For comprehensive legal representation and knowledgeable advice regarding your landlord/tenant issues or disputes, contact me today for a free initial telephone consultation.